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Your premier destination for all things health and beauty

Exhale Yoga Spa combines some of the most sought after body, skincare and nail treatments with some of the hottest yoga classes in the area. We are committed to providing a complete wellness experience that will leave you relaxed, refreshed and renewed! 

Hot yoga burns calories, builds muscle, increases flexibility and eases anxiety. We have classes suitable for all levels. Our instructors will encourage you to take your yoga practice to deeper levels, all while keeping the vibe light, fun and wanting more!


The Right Class For You

We are a beginner friendly studio and offer all level classes that are suitable for complete newbies and those who have a strong, consistent practice. We want to help every individual that walks through our doors receive all the many benefits yoga provides!

Reservations are required please

What To Expect During Classes

If you are new to hot yoga our biggest piece of advice is take your time. The heat can feel intense at times, but the heat is an important aspect of our practice. The heat helps to loosen up your body and warm your muscles so you can go deeper into the postures in a safer manner. 

Drink plenty of water and try to avoid heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to class. If you must eat right before class choose fresh fruit or lighter, healthy options. We will practice compression postures that are beneficial to your internal organs and digestive system, however practicing these poses with a belly full of food or water can be uncomfortable. Remember to take your time, the practice of yoga is meant to be an ongoing enjoyable journey!

Browse Our Schedule